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What to Know About Your Kitchen’s Oven, Stove & Cooktop Range – Plus! What’s Covered by Your Home Warranty
Learn the difference between a convection oven, an induction cooktop, and an electric stove. Plus, discover which home warranty companies protect ovens and stoves.
The Unsung Kitchen Hero: Your Garbage Disposal
Garbage disposals are a convenient and environmentally-friendly way to get rid of food waste in the kitchen. Learn how garbage disposals work and which garbage disposals are best.
The 3 Best Features of a Home Warranty: Peace of Mind, Coverage – and, Access to Home Repair Contractors
A home warranty provides coverage and peace of mind for homeowners. Convenient access to local, pre-screened home repair contractors is a big part of the benefit of a home warranty plan.
Is a Home Warranty Worth It? Cost, Value, and Making the Right Home Warranty Choice
Is a home warranty worth it? The right home warranty coverage can offer homeowners peace of mind and save them money on costly repairs and replacements.
The Ins and Outs of Ratings, Rankings, and Home Reviews of Home Warranty Companies
Home warranty customers are looking for guidance when they select a home warranty, but home warranty company reviews are only one part of the equation.
General Contractors Near Me
One of the greatest benefits of a home warranty is being able to search and find: General Contractors Near Me. Here’s how it works.
4 Ways to Add Curb Appeal (and Value) to Your Home
In real estate, curb appeal can make or break a deal. Transform your residential home—and sell it for more money—with these four curb appeal strategies.
Millennials: Here’s What a Home Warranty Is, and Why You Need One
Millennials are used to renting and being able to call a landlord. When they switch to homeownership, a home warranty offers a similar peace of mind.
California Home Warranty Companies
The Home Service Club is one of a handful of home warranty companies to meet California requirements. Here’s what to look for in California home warranty companies.
Insurance is Different From a Home Warranty, Here’s How
Homeowners insurance and a home warranty aren’t the same thing. But, they’re both important. Here’s what you need to know and how you can tell them apart.

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