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4 Ways to Add Curb Appeal (and Value) to Your Home

4 Ways to Add Curb Appeal (and Value) to Your Home

If you’re someone who loves driving down a street filled with beautiful homes and picture-perfect landscaping, then you’re someone who already understands the value of curb appeal. People tend to drive slower through neighborhoods that are well-groomed and well-taken care of, and they also tend to pay more to live there.

Curb appeal is all about how attractive a home looks from the street. If you’re looking to beautify your own space for entertaining friends and family or you’re hoping to increase the real estate value of your home before you sell, the right amount of curb appeal can transform your home’s appearance—and add thousands of dollars to your asking price. Just take a look at some of these stunning curb appeal transformations HGTV rounded up. After a little curb appeal TLC, these homes don’t even look like they’re the same residences.

Estimations suggest that the right amount of curb appeal can add 20 percent to your home’s value, surpassing the return on investment of a renovated kitchen or bathroom. And, since online listings with stunning photos seem to garner the most interest from buyers, you’ll want to focus on your home’s curb appeal long before you list it.

Boosting the curb appeal of your home takes attention to detail on a few critical areas, and it’s easier (and can be) even more affordable than you think. In fact, we can sum curb appeal up in four words: wash, paint, plant, and “roof.” These will all give your house the sparkle it needs to be distinctive.

Start with a good wash.

Homes get grimy, and a fresh, well-maintained home gives on-the-fence buyers a glimpse into the home’s potential. It’s also a first indicator of how well a home will hold up over time – from the outside at least. Start with a good wash. Years of weather can leave home exteriors full of dirt, mildew, and a dull lifeless color. You can DIY this step, but it’s best if you can tackle this task with the help of a power washer. Home repair stores near you should have power washers you can rent for a day. Don’t forget to spray down the garage door, an often overlooked, but equally important element of your home’s facade. Realtors suggest a “face wash” on your home and advise that it can boost your asking price by as much as $10,000 to $15,000.

There is power in painting.

Once your humble abode is squeaky clean, now is the time to touch it up. How many years has it been since your house got a fresh coat of paint? Clean, crisp (and neutral) colors will help your home pop. If you’re enlivening up your living space, go for what feels good, but keep in mind that anything too out of the ordinary can work against you in the real estate market.

Focus on the green stuff.

Plants. Flowers. Gardens. Lawn. Landscaping is what most people think curb appeal is all about, and they’re not wrong. Work to clear away dead plants and weeds from your yard. Clean out the rain gutters. Regular lawn maintenance is key—with a hearty emphasis on the word “regular.” If you wait too long, lawn care can easily become overwhelming and time consuming to get back under control.

Not a green-thumb? Not to worry. Opt for potted plants and brighten up your space with flowers framing the front door, your porch, or the walkways. Hanging baskets give outsiders a lovely first impression. Nearby home repair stores sell bounties of in-season options.

Roofs may matter most.

Like the foundation of a home, a roof is one of those factors that instantly gives value to a home—or subtracts from it. As a homeowner, you may not have given your roof a second glance in a while, unless you’ve had damage from a hail storm or you’ve experienced a leak inside your home.

Take a look at the roof as if you were a potential buyer. Stand in their shoes. Is your roof dingy, streaked, or missing any shingles? If you need to do any roof repair, here’s what to look for and what’s covered in a home warranty contract.

Once you tackle the outside appearance of your home, here’s a guide to help you take care of the inside of your home. Try these simple strategies to get your own home in tip-top shape, because in real estate, curb appeal can make or break a deal.

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