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Everything There is To Know About American Home Shield

Everything There is To Know About American Home Shield

New homeowners have a lot to take in. From the cost of property taxes to the newfound experience of buying real estate, there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with owning a home.

A home warranty offers a number of benefits to homeowners, especially since repairing or replacing home appliances or home systems can be expensive. A home warranty offers coverage that can help alleviate these costs. When comparing home warranty companies, American Home Shield comes out as a top home warranty company for their customer service, coverage, and cost.

Meet American Home Shield

American Home Shield Warranty (AHS) offers home warranties that protect more than just your house. As the company claiming to have founded the home warranty industry back in 1971 (nearly 50 years ago...), American Home Shield continues to be the largest and most-chosen home warranty provider.

Since 2013, AHS has paid out over $2 billion worth of home warranty claims. Their customer base includes more than 1.8 million customers. For more on the business, check out their profile on the Better Business Bureau. They are accredited by the BBB and currently have a B rating – one of the best in the home warranty industry and largely attributable to their strong customer reviews. AHS is also an active member of the National Home Service Contract Association (NHSCA), a non-profit industry trade organization of member companies serving home service contract providers and consumer interests throughout the United States.

For numerous years in a row American Home Shield has been ranked as a top home warranty company. Since 2015, AHS has swept Home Warranty Review’s Annual Home Warranty Award Top Rated Company award category. The Top Rated Company award is presented to the one company that has achieved maximum levels of customer satisfaction rates through its services. Last year, Compare Home Warranty Quotes named American Home Shield as one of The Best Home Warranty Companies of 2018.

Since the beginning, American Home Shield’s goal has remained the same: make homeownership easier and to protect its customers’ budget from huge and unexpected repair costs.

Positive feedback about American Home Shield includes:

  • “I needed help replacing my doorbell and AHS was quick to respond.”

  • “The online request process is so simple.”

  • “(I) would recommend American Home Shield to every homeowner out there.”

  • “An essential tool every homeowner should have.”

  • “Timely service, professionalism, and most of all fair.”

  • “(American Home Shield) has exceeded my expectations every time!”

  • “The process was quick and didn’t cause any stress.”

The Home Warranty Company That Offers Additional Protection

Homeowners looking for systems or appliance coverage can sign up for specific home warranty coverage plans. A “combo plan” is available and includes coverage of a mix of appliances and systems. Custom plans are also available for purchase. Home inspections and maintenance records are not required to qualify for AHS coverage.

Coverage through American Home Shield offers more than just home warranty protection. And, they offer additional incentives to current customers such as $25 Amazon gift card rewards for referrals and exclusive discounts on air filters and brand name and Energy Star-certified appliances, which can increase the value of your home if you’re ever looking to sell. Rewards like these can offset the overall cost of the home warranty itself.

In conjunction with Asurion Services, LLC, American Home Shield now offers electronics-related coverage with any home warranty plan.

American Home Shield Reviews Reveal a Customer-Centric, Quality-Minded Approach to Home Warranty

American Home Shield scores high marks in customer service satisfaction. Customers can easily file a claim online 24/7 or call the American Home Shield customer service number. With positive review ratings on repair time and the quality of repair, it’s easy to see why American Home Shield customers continue to renew their home warranty policy year after year with AHS.

Positive feedback about American Home Shield technicians includes:

  • “Excellent service.”

  • “(I) had a hot water heater issue and toilet issue, the plumbers (were) timely and there less than 15 minutes. Both problems taken care of!”

  • “(I was) extremely satisfied with (the) appliance repair expert. Professional, courteous, and timely.”

  • “The repairman called when he was about an hour out. Showed up on time. Quickly diagnosed and repaired (the) problem and left no mess.”

With a contractor network of over 14,000 licensed professionals, AHS has a workforce they can rely on. AHS home warranty plans only accept contractors from within its network to perform service requests. The timely response and professional manner from AHS contractors is one reason why American Home Shield is highly regarded for their superior customer service. If any problem reoccurs, AHS also offers customers a service recall period of 60 days.

American Home Shield is a top leader in the home warranty industry. For customers looking to compare American Home Shield plans, coverage, caps, and service fees, visit the AHS Home Warranty page.

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