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The Ins and Outs of Home Warranty Provider HomeServe

The Ins and Outs of Home Warranty Provider HomeServe

HomeServe Warranty Company has been serving customers in North America since 2003. They offer services with more than 600 municipal, utility and association partners in the U.S. and Canada, and provide service to over 4 million customers. HomeServe USA is the North American arm of HomeServe PLC, a London Stock Exchange listed company in the top 200 U.K. companies by market capitalization.

In addition to plumbing, heating & cooling and electrical technicians, HomeServe partners with some of the nation’s leading utilities companies – one of the few home warranty companies to do so. Their list of utility partners includes Alameda County Water District, Aqua, Cal Water, Charleston Water System, PSEG WorryFree and many more. For a complete list of their partners, visit the HomeServe partnership page.

Additional details about HomeServe can be found on their company profile page with the Better Business Bureau, including that they are accredited and currently have an A+ rating, one of the highest in the home warranty industry.

A List of Innovative Products by HomeServe

As part of their service offerings, HomeServe provides a suite of water and energy products, including:

  • Exterior Water Service Line: Repairs or replacement of the home’s exterior fresh water line including locating, excavating and repairing leaks as well as replacing the pipe segments.

  • Exterior Sewer/Septic Line: Repairs or replacement of a clogged sewer line, collapsed sewer line section and/or a clogged septic line.

  • Interior Plumbing & Drainage: Repairs, replacement or unblocking of internal plumbing pipe materials, valves and other plumbing-related materials.

  • Exterior Electrical Wiring: Repairs to the weather head, insulator, riser, meter base, service entrance conductor and underground service lines (for underground setups).

  • Heating System Repair: Covers most major parts of a central natural gas or propane, forced-air or circulating hot water heating system.

  • Interior Electrical Wiring: Repairs or replacement of faulty outlets or GFCI, wiring or rewiring circuit to breakers, individual breakers, breaker panel or fuse boxes and junction boxes.

  • Cooling System Repair: Covers most major components of an electric central air conditioning system.

  • Water Heater Repair Replacement: Repairs or replacement for most major parts of tank-based and electric, natural gas and propane water heaters.

  • Interior & Exterior Gas Line: Repairs of interior gas lines, from the point of entrance into the home to the shutoff valve at each gas appliance and the natural gas plumbing supply line outside the home.

Plans from HomeServe USA can help protect homeowners from expensive plumbing, electrical, heating or cooling repairs caused by normal wear and tear that are typically not covered by homeowner’s insurance, a local utility company or a city or a town.

Home Reviews of HomeServe

HomeServe has a 5-part customer promise that they’re committed to carrying out:

  1. Before a customer joins, HomeServe makes it clear what they're buying and what it will do for them.

  2. When a customer joins, HomeServe tells them how much they’ll be paying, what that buys for them, and how to make a claim.

  3. When a customer becomes a member, HomeServe is committed to making life easy for them.

  4. When a customer makes a claim, HomeServe solves their problem quickly and easily—their emergency is HomeServe’s emergency.

  5. If a customer is not happy, HomeServe is committed to listen, apologize, and make things right wherever they can, as soon as they can.

Here’s what HomeServe customers are saying about their experience:

  • “We turned our central air on for the first time. It was not working properly. Called HomeServe and a technician was at our house within 3 hours and fixed the central air. Very impressed with this service!”

  • “Fast service. End of week, late Friday, I experienced a sewer back-up into the house. I was able to get service within hours even though it was a holiday weekend. Live people answered right away and addressed the problem professionally and quickly. I would highly recommend HomeServe for this coverage.”

  • “The service people arrived on time, took care of the problem, and left the place clean. Excellent services. Extremely happy that I had the service contract.”

For additional home reviews about HomeServe, visit their page on

To see if HomeServe provides coverage in your state, enter in your zip code. And, be sure to check out their company page on Compare Home Warranty Quotes for more information:

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