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Lightning-Fast and Reliable: Get to Know Select Home Warranty – Plus! Read Rave Reviews from Select’s Policyholders

Lightning-Fast and Reliable: Get to Know Select Home Warranty – Plus! Read Rave Reviews from Select’s Policyholders

Last year, when Compare Home Warranty Quotes compiled a list of the best home warranty companies, Select Home Warranty was included not only for their stellar choice in music that’s played as you wait in the phone queue, but also for their quality, attention to detail, and commitment to service.

Unlike homeowner’s insurance, a home service contract—otherwise known as a home warranty—provides separate coverage for the repair or replacement of systems and appliances within your home. In finding the right coverage for you and your family, it’s important to do business with a home warranty company you can count on.

With an extensive network of tens of thousands of pre-screened contractors—all of whom are licensed and bonded—Select Home Warranty operates on a 24/7, 365 basis, which means they’re always on-call—literally. And, if dialing a phone number to call and speak with someone isn’t the way you’d like to do business, you’re also able to submit claims through an online portal.

Select Home Warranty also happens to be one of the only top rated company that provides home warranty coverage for mobile homes, rental properties, manufactured homes, single family units, multiple units, and condos. So, no matter where you live (as long as it’s within their 45-state radius) or what kind of home you live in, you’re covered.

An Introduction to Select Home Warranty

Established in 2012 and based out of New Jersey, Select Home Warranty offers homeowners three plans for coverage of home systems and appliances: Platinum Care, Gold Care, and Bronze Care. Between these three main plans, Select offers protection for everything in your home.

For their service, customer care, and ability to resolve consumer complaints fairly and effectively, Select Home Warranty has a B rating through the Better Business Bureau.

Response times for Select Home Warranty rival some of the fastest wait-times throughout the home service contract industry, both over the phone and when working with their technicians. When Consumers Advocate tested Select’s phone response time, their calls were answered in about 1 minute and 20 seconds—an impressive response time for any home service contract company but especially one with nationwide operations.

Select customers’ positive reviews reveal:

  • “(They) called me right away after filing (the) claim.”

  • “Quick response time. Highly recommend.”

  • “I placed an online service ticket and within 3 hours I was contacted.”

  • “Claims department was very quick to respond to my claim. It made the whole process an easy one.”

Awards and Nominations for Select Home Warranty

Over the years, Select Home Warranty has received top recognition for its home warranty coverage and service.

Positive feedback from Select Home Warranty policyholders includes:

  • “The best service I ever had.”

  • “Select Home Warranty is a complete home warranty company with reasonable plans.”

  • “Select Home Warranty has gone out of their way to ensure I have the best plan available. My plan is tailored to my needs and I was not pressured into purchasing anything I didn’t need.”

  • “Their customer service is excellent.”

  • “This home warranty company goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

  • “I am going to recommend Select Home Warranty to all (of) my friends (who) own homes.”

  • “Great company. Great rates. Great service.”

This year, Select Home Warranty was awarded the Home Warranty Reviews 2019 Editor’s Choice award, which is bestowed to the home warranty company which offers the best “Digital Experience.” This award also takes into consideration how well the company manages its online reputation through the Compliant Resolution Program (CRP). President of Select Home Warranty, Joe Shrem, said of the award, “This award truly belongs to the hundreds of Select employees who work hard every day for our policyholders.”

In 2017 and 2018, Select Home Warranty was awarded Home Warranty Reviews Best in Service award—for offering the best possible customer service. Their Backup Protection Plan Guarantee is an asset many of their customers reference when reviewing Select Home Warranty’s plans, guarantees, and quality of work and customer service.

Be sure to explore this full Select Home Warranty review for more information.

Select Home Warranty Coverage: Money Saver For Homeowners

Overall, Select Home Warranty aims to save homeowners and policyholders money. One customer’s positive review represented just that: “Thoroughly impressed. Select has given me service that I am going to rave about. They saved me over $400 in repairs in 2019 and were very easy to handle and deal with.”

New clients take note: Select Home Warranty generally offers a discount code—for example, “$150 off plus 2 extra months free with additional complimentary roof leak coverage”—that can be applied to all new home warranty plans.

To continue exploring Select Home Warranty, and to see if their coverage is included in your state, enter your zip code. And, be sure to check out their company page on Compare Home Warranty Quotes for more information:

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