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What You Need to Know About Gathering Home Warranty Quotes

What You Need to Know About Gathering Home Warranty Quotes

Shopping for a home warranty isn’t unlike shopping for a new couch.

When you’re ready to find the perfect sofa for your living room, you head straight to the Internet, right? Before you buy, there are a couple of things you likely consider. Things like: What was your old couch like? Do you prefer comfort or style? Which color is in stock? What material? And, what’s the price tag?

The same goes for shopping for a home warranty online. It isn’t always a good idea to purchase the first one that “looks good.” That’s why gathering quotes from various home warranty companies is so important.

What Is A Home Warranty Quote?

The best place to start when you’re searching for a home warranty online is to gather a home warranty quote. A home warranty quote is the cost analysis of the specific coverage a home warranty company offers. You want to compare more than one home warranty quote to see what your options are.

That’s because, not all home warranties – or home warranty companies – are the same. To make sure you’re making the best choice, you want to compare plans until you find the home warranty that’s an ideal match for you and your home.

How do you decide which home warranty is the best choice? These are our best pointers as you compare quotes:

Know your needs.

Don’t expect a home warranty company to know what your home requires. If you care more about home appliance coverage – like, refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, cooktops, and so on – and aren’t seeking whole system coverage – like, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and the like – then you would not want to choose a home warranty plan with bulky, all-inclusive coverage. Seek out the specifics for your home – what do you need and want covered?

Companies like American Home Shield offer a “Build Your Own Plan” for homeowners searching for flexible coverage.

Make sure the home warranty fits.

If you have a saltwater pool in your backyard and you’re certain you won’t be able to find coverage – think again. Simply include a saltwater pool as a specification as you gather home warranty quotes. These days, home warranty companies go beyond the basics. We’re talking additional add-on coverage for things like doorbells, garage door openers, and that saltwater pool in your backyard. Find a home warranty that you’ll actually use and that fits your family, your home, and the components in and around it.

Compare the home warranty quotes you find.

As you discover appealing home warranty coverage, compare the quotes you collect. How do service fees, waiting periods, rates, policy duration, cancellation options, exclusions, contractor networks, and additional extras stack up? Read the customer reviews. Speak with your neighbors and friends. If you’re not sure which questions to ask, use our list of the 12 home warranty considerations to keep in mind as you shop around. And, before you make a final decision, don’t forget the next – and possibly most important – step.

Pick up the phone.

When you request a home warranty quote by phone, it may not match the quote you found online. That’s normal.

We found out how helpful home warranty sales representatives can be. (Seriously.) We picked up the phone and made some calls ourselves to determine the best home warranty companies of 2018. Our conclusion? This last and final step is undoubtedly the most important. By calling in, not only do you get a personal feel for what the home warranty company is like, but you get to find out – for yourself – how the customer service is. Not to mention, calling in can oftentimes save you money on the plan you choose.

As opposed to purchasing a rigid home warranty plan online, over the phone quotes allow you to ask specific questions like, “Is there adequate coverage where I live?” This is an important question the website may skip over, or not feature in great detail. Wouldn’t it be awful to buy a home warranty online only to find out they don’t offer coverage in your state?

Plus, like we mentioned, home warranty companies like to offer discounts over the phone. Holiday promotions, special deals, and complimentary months of home warranty coverage are common, but it usually requires making a phone call to get them.

Your best home warranty coverage is out there. Until you find it, we’re here to help you compare. Remember, home warranty shopping is a lot like shopping for a new couch. It may take a bit of research, price matching, and sitting and shifting around on different cushions to find the right fit, but in the end your level of comfortably and confidence in your choice will be well worth it.

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