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Home Warranty Quote Comparison: Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Home Warranty Quote Comparison: Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Whether you’re a long-time or a first-time homeowner, own multiple properties or one residence, the investment of owning a home comes with its fair share of number crunching. And whether you tally up these totals in a budget, on a spreadsheet, or just do the math in your head, the sum total can seem daunting, especially when you try to start factoring in unforeseen, or unpredictable, costs – like home systems and appliances, and what will happen when and if they break down.

From closet systems to coffee tables or a new HVAC to a home warranty, if you’re looking to invest in your home, choose quality over a cheap, short-lived bargain. Always.

Not All Home Warranties Are Created Equal

Determining which home warranty, otherwise known as a home service contract, is right for you takes thoughtful consideration. In home warranties, as is the same in home building, if you’re looking to invest, find a quality home warranty that will serve you and your family for years to come.

Purchasing a home warranty is a solution to cover the repair and replacement fees for when household appliances wear out, break down, or need to be replaced altogether.

Without a home warranty, homeowners are left to pay for these expenses out of their own pockets. Every home warranty varies, so be certain you know what is and what isn’t covered in the plan you purchase.

Does Price Matter?

When deciding between one home warranty over another, how should price play into your decision? Keep this in mind: Cutting corners now may require a heftier payout later. In certain cases, spending more money up front can be worth each and every single penny.

What to Look for Behind Home Warranty Discount Codes

Huge discounts!

Save big!

50% off!

Now offering one month FREE of coverage!

Flashy catchphrases, discount codes, and home warranty sales are appealing to anyone, but what’s underneath it all? If a family is only jumping at the cheapest home warranty price with a home warranty discount code, then they are buying on price instead of taking into consideration what’s included in that cost. They will most likely be disappointed in the end, especially when they need the coverage and it’s not there, or the service costs are exorbitantly high.

It’s easy to feel good when you score a deal, but home warranties are not the time to be a bargain shopper, which is why we recommend comparing home warranty quotes and their plans before buying. Some home warranty service contracts cover a broad scope of home systems and appliances, but only up to a very minimal amount; others cover few items but more of them. What’s important to you? What are the ages of your various home components? Is there one or a few that are more likely to need repair sooner. Also, sometimes the more expensive plans offering less discounts on the frontend are the ones that will cover more later on, versus the savings you think you’re getting when you’re paying less of a premium, or less per month.

When you discover a home warranty that is right for you, you won’t need a home warranty discount code. For “cheap” plans, the savings are short lived. The value of a high-quality home warranty is actually inherent. A high-quality home warranty will continue to protect you and your family year after year.

Best Rated Home Warranty Company Versus Cheapest Home Warranty Plans

The highest rated home warranty companies share something in common: They’re not always the cheapest.

For past and current customer reviews on home warranty companies – an important indicator of what you can expect from the company and the home warranty you’re signing up for – we recommend visiting For a list of companies and comparison company quotes, go to To give you a sample of some of the top home warranty companies, check out:

  • First American Home Warranty

  • Old Republic Home Warranty

  • American Home Shield

  • Sears Home Warranty

Of these home warranty companies, “cheap” doesn’t compute. Instead, their focus remains on transparency, customer service, and the maintenance of a strong network of technicians for service calls and home repairs. Service and coverage rules supreme, not price point. Money well spent will work for you, for your home, and for your family.

The Unforeseen Costs of Cheap Home Warranty Plans

As a homeowner, if you’re choosing to gauge a home warranty plan based almost exclusively on the price tag, know that cheap home warranty plans come with other costs.

Here are a few things you could be foregoing by going solely with “cheap”:

  1. Higher technician fees or service calls

  2. Poorer quality service technicians

  3. Riskier business, with the potential of the home warranty company going out of business altogether

Hint: If the company is offering unheard of deals, it might be a last-minute ploy to try to save the company from going under. We’ve seen it happen.

Like anything else, when you buy the cheapest, you often forego quality. Home warranty plans, especially cheap home warranty plans, are no different. Find quality coverage from the highest rated home warranty company by researching company plans and quotes, looking into past and current customer reviews, and by speaking with the company itself.

Affordable now may not lend to affordability later on down the road. Not to mention, cheap home warranty plans do not come with the same peace of mind that a highest rated home warranty company provides.

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