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The Importance – and the Value – of Having a Network of Prescreened, Local Technicians: A Q&A with Choice Home Warranty

The Importance – and the Value – of Having a Network of Prescreened, Local Technicians: A Q&A with Choice Home Warranty

A Q&A with Choice Home Warranty

One of the biggest benefits of having a home warranty is having access to a network of available pre-screened contractors – by specialty.

Instead of blindly choosing a contractor, a home warranty comes with a network of prescreened, local technicians. Not only does this eliminate having to ask for referrals or doing your own independent research, but a technician’s work is usually covered by a home warranty. Plus, a home warranty will also typically cover the replacement of a home system or appliance if it is deemed unrepairable.

The peace of mind alone of not having to deal with the costly repercussions of illegitimate contractors, contractors who overcharge or contractors who are simply unfit to do the job is often benefit enough for most homeowners to sign up for a home warranty.

To find out more about contractor networks, we sat down with Choice Home Warranty to learn about their network, how contractors are rated and onboarded, and what categories of contractors they have.

What is the value of having a network of prescreened, local technicians?

Choice Home Warranty:

One of the major values we provide at Choice Home Warranty is our ranked network of technicians. Not only do we have the ability to understand how effectively they do on the job through a myriad of key performance indicators, but we also use our consumers’ inputs and level of satisfaction to determine ranking.

While consumers can go online and look at ranked lists of contractors, like Angie’s List for instance, those technicians are paying to be there. We work in reverse. Our job is to make sure we're sending the most qualified technicians out on our service calls.

How are Choice Home Warranty technicians ranked?

Choice Home Warranty:

We are a technology-first focused company – in everything we do, but especially when it comes to how technicians are ranked. Our model is fast and accurate. Our cutting-edge rating and dispatching technology is designed to send the best and most efficient technicians to any open service request.

We do this by looking at ten different key performance indicators for our technicians. We have both internal and external KPIs we are constantly measuring. An example of an external KPI, for instance, is rated by consumers: “Would you use the technician again?”

We care very much that all of our technicians do good work, and we ensure that jobs are completed in a timely manner by constantly measuring their performance.

How are technicians onboarded and categorized by Choice Home Warranty?

Choice Home Warranty:

To get onboarded, there is a process all Choice Home Warranty technicians go through. Every technician has to be licensed, bonded and/or insured, depending on the services they will be providing. In essence, they have to be approved for whatever work they're going to be doing by the local or state government – the regulating authority depends on the region where the work is actually being done.

For a complete list of regulating authorities by state, check out the 2019 State Licensing Guide.

From there, technicians are categorized by trade. Some technicians are, of course, categorized into multiple trades. We require that they are licensed, bonded and/or insured in each of the trades they list.

Common categories for technicians, include (but are not limited to):

  • Plumbing

  • HVAC

  • Appliances

  • Electrical

  • Garage Door Openers

  • Septic System

  • Pools

  • Roof Repair

  • Drywall

  • Central Vacuum

Our Vendor Relations Team works daily with our technicians, all of whom are required to adhere to a set of servicing guidelines.

We are proud of the team of local, qualified technicians we have working on behalf of our home warranty customers, and invite any technician who would like to join our network to apply with us.

Do you have a memorable story or a review about a Choice Home Warranty technician you’d be willing to share?

Choice Home Warranty:

Without fail, every Thanksgiving and Christmas, someone hosting their family for the holidays goes to turn on their oven and it doesn't work. Or, their heating system stops working. Our technicians then stop their Thanksgiving or Christmas to make sure the customer has a good one.

We’ve also received reviews about technicians going above and beyond. One customer, who was battling cancer, had a technician come to her house to help with a repair and he ended up helping her even more, by running errands and doing a few chores around the house.

In general, we are very lucky to have such loyal partners in our technicians. We do our best to make their lives easier through technology, and in turn they provide the fastest and most reliable service to our customers.

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