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Home Repair: A How-To Guide To Do-It-Yourself

Home Repair: A How-To Guide To Do-It-Yourself

When mishaps happen at home what’s your “home repair” mode of attack? Are you the type of person who just slaps some duct tape on whatever needs repairing and calls it a day? Do you have a trusted local handyman who you call? Are you a staunch DIY-er? Or do you feel totally and utterly lost about what to do?

No matter where you stand on home repairs, we’ve got some useful ideas for you.

Home Repairs Happen. What Do YOU Do?

Any homeowner will tell you that buying a home is an expensive investment. Owning a home and keeping your home working and looking great also comes with its own costs. Plumbers, electricians, and contractors can charge high fees to fix leaks, keep the lights working, and see that your home is safe and sound. Cost alone may be the reason why when it comes to home repair services so many homeowners prefer to do it themselves.

Home Repair Websites Offer Knowledge, Know-How, and Inspiration For Everyone

Buying a home is a huge investment and it’s important to protect what’s within those four walls. If you love doing home repairs yourself, these DIY home repair websites are well-known and widely recognized as useful guides:

  • This Old House—Whether you need help with your DIY project or just inspiration, This Old House has you covered. You can read through expert advice on home improvement, home repairs, gardening, and more.

  • DIY Network—Here are all of the “How-To’s” you’ll need for home repairs and home improvement. Step-by-step photos, videos, and a library of DIY Network knowledge allow you to access an extensive library of resources.

  • Bob Vila—Bob Vila is the most trusted name in home improvement, home renovation, and home repair. For DIY advice, expert opinions, and inspiration look no further.

  • Repair Home — We all learn differently and if watching video tutorials or swiping through photos isn’t your style, Repair Home is for you. Repair Home is geared to those who love to read. Their thorough and comprehensive articles span every type of home repair job out there.

  • Better Homes & Gardens Maintenance & Repairs—Better Homes & Gardens is the American authority on home improvement. This maintenance and home repair section of their website offers a robust selection dedicated to home improvement and home repairs for when mishaps happen, like how to unclog a drain with things you probably have lying around the house already.

But what happens when your home repair project expands beyond your scope of knowledge?

When Should You DIY and When Should You Hire a Home Repair Pro?

While some homeowners enjoy the DIY approach to home repairs, others don’t know the first place to start. We all know that not all home repairs are acceptable to do on your own. If you’re, for instance, in need of some electrical work and you don’t know where to begin with grounding wires and what goes where, calling in an electrician is the smartest move.

When doing home repairs on older homes, there is a risk of asbestos in some parts of the house, like the drywall or floorboards. Because of this, it's important that homeowners know about the risk of asbestos in homes. You can also learn more about asbestos and mesothelioma here.

Who Can I Call and What Are the Home Repair Stores Near Me?

Finding, screening, and deciding on a local home repair contractor can feel like a huge undertaking for some. But it’s one of the major benefits of having a home warranty. In addition to the peace of mind a home warranty offers and the customizable coverage of home systems and appliances, it’s the gaining access to home repair contractors that’s one of the top three reasons to buy a home warranty.

Depending on your location, Lowe’s and Home Depot offer plenty of resources for home repair projects. If you’re looking to hone your home repair skills, Home Depot offers local Home Depot workshops for kids and for hands-on learning and expert advice. Local contractors and one-off repair shops can also come in handy.

How Does A Home Warranty Help With Home Repair-Related Incidents?

Any home warranty comes with certain features, like access to a network of trusted contractors and technicians, that’s automatically built-in to coverage. In most cases, these technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured. At Platinum Home Warranty, for instance, these contractors are actually part of the company itself. After you submit a claim, the company will send out someone to help you repair or replace whatever was broken in the first place.

Your mortgage may be fixed. And there aren’t many ways to lower your taxes. For those of you who aren’t big DIY-ers, a home warranty offers peace of mind, reliability, and cost savings when things fall apart.

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